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2 Months Into The 2017 Recipe For Boosting Sales

Earlier I wrote about my recipe for a 2017 boost in sales.  As I mentioned, this plan started back in October 2016.  It took me some time to research everything I had planned, perfect it all and get it launched.  Hell, I’m not kidding anyone, it never was perfect and still is not. Ultimately it was all finally implement and launched about Mid January 2017.   We’re now about 2 Months.  Before reading on, you must read the original post here.

Whats Hott:

Email Marketing:  It costs us nearly $0 to do and it pics up a few customers.  I don’t have specific count but we get people who mention the emails specifically, and a few people respond directly to the emails, with unrelated questions and sometimes, just say they are “ready to proceed”.

I see a lot of room to improve here at the emails are rather basic, and we lack any kind of tracking on them.  Right now I’m too busy to make an actionable plan, but its on the Horizon.

Facebook Remarketing: At a couple dollars a day, It’s cheap, and there are many people engaging with the ads that go on to become customers.  I don’t know if they chose us specifically because of the ad.  You could make the argument that they would have chosen us whether they view the Facebook ad or not, but for the mer3 $100 per month, it doesn’t matter.  1 job will pay for itself.

Ads get a little engagement. The 2 names visible have actually became our customers!

 What I’m still Undecided On:

The Sales Process.  Recall, we switched from just giving the masses a price by any semi trained individual on our team, to delegating the leads to a specific estimator.  Then the estimator, goes through a qualification and pitch process.  The delegation of leads certainly helps.  Everyone moves much more efficiently, less time is wasted on tire kickers, and there a lot less “Hey Corey”.

BUT…. I feel like we might lose some people who appreciated and accepted a bottom line price right there on the first phone call with little.  All in all, I wouldn’t go back to the way we did things before but I am not sure it is helping sales.  I might look to revise the process a bit.

Rocket Referral: This program is intended to capture reviews, customer feedback, and build referrals.  It is doing that, but it’s not getting enough in my opinion.  I’m going to give it a few more months to play out before I look for an alternate.  You Can read my full review on Rocket Referrals Here.

That’s where I stand.  I’ll be giving it 100% everyday and consistently looking looking to improve!  Hopefully I have a better follow up 6 months in!

Corey Philip

Founder & investor in home service companies. Aside from running these businesses, I love trail running and mountain running.

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