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3 Apps Every Contractor Would Find Useful (I Can’t Live Without Them)

Deep inside my arsenal of tech I use to keep my day, and my business running smooth and efficient are 3 Apps.  3 Apps I can’t live without.

An awesome To Do List App. After checking my email, this is the first thing I go to.


My day starts with the Todoist app.  It’s a do list app…. A very good one.  It lets you add tasks, set dates and times of when the task is due, and group the tasks by project/category.  Making use of it helps you get more done efficiently.

Practical Use: Every business owner gets hit with 10,000 things at once.  All of which you can’t do at once, nor will you probably remember to do later.  When things come up that need to get done, schedule them into this app and get reminders of wat you need to get done.  On the otherhand you’ll have moments of silence; moments where you forget everything, look at wall and wonder “what should I be doing?”  Todoist has the answer, right in the palm of your had.


Follow up with important emails, and optimize emails delivery time with boomerang.

Boomerang lets you schedule Emails and brings emails back up to your attention.  Want to send someone an email
Monday morning, or have an email come back up to your attention in the tomorrow?  Boomerang is the app.  It can also send emails or reminders based on whether the recipient had read or replied to the email.

How I use It? 

Follow Ups & Keeping Conversations Alive:  At my company we handle lots of leads by email.  Sometimes a lead will faaaade out and not respond to an email or simply miss it.  For these leads when can set a Boomerang, so the email thread shows up as ‘unread’ and comes back (pun?) to our attention in a few days, IF no one responds.  We can then make another effort to re-establish the communication channel.

This can also be used when you are pursuing others who frequently don’t respond.  In the construction business, this is frequently the fine folks at the building department.

Optimizing Delivery Times:  Think about this, when you open your email to a overwhelming, full inbox in the morning, who do you respond to first?  Personally, I get the most recent emails out of the way first.   Then I go back to the oldest ones that have been waiting the longest.  Then everything else I deal with… as I feel like.  Its been my experience that others do the same thing.  Boomerang lets you schedule emails to be delivered right at prime time in the morning, so you are front and center on someones priority list.

I’ll also schedule some new customer emails for the evening around 7pm.  Right at this time, Mr. and Ms. Doe are sitting around their living room, getting ready for bed, with not much on their mind.  I find this presents a perfect opportunity for them to reflect on, and discuss whatever I have sent.

So far I’ve talked about using it to get a response, sometimes I’ll use to avoid a response, until a better time.  Ever get those situations where someone responds quickly, to an email about a topic you’d rather deal with during business hours?  And then that topic is back on your mind while you’d rather be enjoying yourself without elephants on the brain.   It used to happen to me all the time.     I’d be having a great weekend and get an email about some topic I’d rather leave until business hours for my sanity.  There it was though, fresh on my mind, eating away at my soul, so I would respond to get it over with and move on.  Then BAM, 5 minutes later another response and its back on my brain.  Now with Boomerang I will go ahead and type up my reply, get it out of my head and schedule it to send Monday morning when my head is in a better place.

Ring Central:

The Ringcentral App works just list a regular phone.

Ringcentral is a Voice Over Internet Protocol Phone (voip) – It makes and receives calls, just like a regular phone, over data, and has the scalability to run a whole call center.

How I Use: On an individual level I use the app as ‘my business cell phone’.  I’ve got my own phone number which can be used through the mobile app just like my cell phone.  This is handy for keeping business and personal life separate.  When I make a call out, the recipient see’s my RingCentral Number, not my personal cell phone.  Afterhours, a flip of the button turns it off until I’m ready to do business again.  I can also easily transfer, and initiate conference calls with others within my company (we run the whole company phone system from the app).  Here’s the cool thing, you can make and receive calls through your PC.  You can also make and receive local calls no matter where you are in the world, assuming you are connected to the internet.  When I was in Costa Rica a couple weeks ago, I spent some time taking company calls through the app and no one had the slightest clue I was in the mountain jungles above Jaco.

On a company wide, level the RingCentral system lets you add phone lines, and users for a small cost.  We run a small center off the program.  All of our associates login through a PC.  We can handle call routing between associates, track phone calls by marketing source, and all whole host of other things.  Relative to the amount we spend on RingCentral, I feel like we get a great value

For smaller operations, or solo-preneur businesses, I’ve heard that Grasshopper is a more economical option.

[BY THE WAY]  This might be a good time to check your current voicemail recording.  Is it scaring away your customers?

What apps are you using?  What should I add to my app arsenal?


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