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Community Mailers? Why Facebook Advertising Is A Much Better Choice

Community Mailers? Why Facebook Advertising Is A Much Better Choice

If you’re advertising your construction company in community mailers and flyers that go out to the homeowners associations, I feel sorry for you.  There’s a much better and more effective way to market and save your advertising dollars. The solution is Facebook marketing! It’s taking what community mailers are from before, but it’s doing it right. It’s also a lot cheaper, more targeted and much more effective.

Why Do People Still Use Mailers?

Construction companies might be stuck on mailers because they know that the ads are targeting homeowners in their community and they can target nice homes at certain income levels. But this is the typical spiel of justification from the people that are advertising in these types of mailers.

With  facebook you can do everything that community mailers do, and MORE and at a lower cost. You can target by location, right down to the zip code in a community you want to target.

You can also use facebook ads to target all new people and homeowners, just like mailers. Even better, with facebook, you can get into home value. So if you want to target homes that have a value of $300,000 and up, you can do that. If you want to target homes that are valued at $300,000 and below you can also do that.

Now I’m an exterior contractor and lets say I’m trying to reach single family homes in a community of townhomes, condo’s and single family homes.  The home owners association mailers go out to everyone… including the owners of townhomes, condo’s, who are of no value to me as they (the owners of condo’s and townhomes), don’t have a personal exterior to maintain, repair or improve.  So if I advertise in the community mailer I’m paying to reach that audience, even though they aren’t my target.  If I want to target single-family homes that can actually make a decision to hire my company, I can do so by using facebook ads. The same people and demographics you can target by using a community mailer, you can do on Facebook, with even better targeting, and the best part is… It’s a LOT cheaper

You Might Be Wasting Your Budget

Here in Southwest Florida, those community mailers aren’t cheap.  It’s $1200 for a half page ad in one of the major publications. You’re spending $1200 to even know if your ad image and copy are even going to work and then you’ll multiply that for every community you want to mail to.

Sure, there might be a large amount of people in the community that your mailers are getting sent to but how do you even know that people are actually picking them up, reading them and engaging with your specific ad? We don’t even know if these people are reading them before they get thrown into the trash.

Why Facebook is Better

With Facebook, you’re in a platform where you’re consistently in your audiences face and you can measure the engagement your ad got, how much time a viewer saw your ad for, what kind of engagement they had with it and more.

You can also choose what type of ad you want to pay for. Do you want to pay when someone sees your ad, clicks on your ad or shares your ad? You can’t do any of that with community mailers. When you use mailers, your subsidizing everyone that tosses your ad into the trash and doesn’t even look at it. You have no idea who’s actually reading your ad – or if they even noticed your ad.

Another great part of Facebook advertising is that you can refine your ad at any time.  With mailers, when you spend your $1200, you’re stuck with just that one ad and it can’t be changed.

With Facebook ads,  you can turn off ads that aren’t performing well, refine them, change the copy, change images, split test ads and more. You’re able to leave the good ads alone, and keep improving and testing new ads, which will in turn drive your ad cost and CPC down. We’re not talking about static ads like a mailer, these are dynamic, you can keep updating them as your business is evolving and your customers needs are changing. $1200 can go a long way when it comes to using Facebook ads.

Engage & Leverage For Free

Instead of mailers, choose to use a platform that your audience is actually engaging with, that’s less competitive and a place where you don’t need to compete for your prospects attention.  With Facebook, this concept is still pretty new for home service companies so there’s not much competition.  Even fewer is the number of home service companies actually doing it right.

Your ad will be in the newsfeed where your clients are actually more involved. There’s also the added potential for sharing, tagging and liking your ads and this is huge for gaining even more reach to your website.  Besides for the typical likes, and shares, find that a wife will tag a husband (or vice versa) which results in exposure to all the people they frequently interact with.  This sharing and engagement won’t die, your ads will circulate, get shared and there is more potential for an audience to get back to your site – at no cost.

The best part is you can use your existing content and leverage it, assuming you are already actively doing content marketing.  No need to hire designers for ads.  Take your current blogs posts that you’ve found people actively engage with and enjoy, and turn those into ads!  Couldn’t be any simpler.

Interact with Your Clients

You can also respond or interact with your customers based on their interactions to your posts. If I’m running a bunch of ads for painting  and re-modeling and someone clicked on a painting ad, you can then remarket to them to offer even more similar services or say, “hey, we also offer exterior painting” etc… these prospects will already be in the research and buy state of mind.

With these benefits to using Facebook, traditional flyers and print ads are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Facebook ads are way more effective for targeting a specific audience and it’s a much better use of your marketing dollar.  Print ads will probably never die entirely, but smart service providers will certainly take advantage of the Facebook advertising platform and reap the rewards.


Update 12/18/2017:

Since writing this post, I’ve came to realize that many home service business owners struggle with Facebook.  Most have tried it with no success.  I’ve started working on an online course where I will go over everything you need to know to generate leads, and build an effective campaign modeled after the exact campaign I am using.  You can sign up here to get updates, and a discount on the course when launched.  It will cover everything, in detail, step by step, how to reach high value prospects for home services on Facebook, and then (most importantly) how to get them to contact you!

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