Contractor Momentum

#43: Buying a Newspaper for Advertising | Tom Lopatosky

Tom Lopatosky of Lopco Contracting is a recurring guest on the podcast. In this episode, we start where we left off, specifically the effects Covid-19 has had in his business. Then we hit it off with a discussion of different offline marketing he’s done since our last conversation – getting a deal for a local […]

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#36: Moving The Needle of Profitability & Cashflow

You’ve worked hard. But instead of feeling elated when you look into your books, all you get is a sinking feeling. Why do the numbers say you made less money than you expected? What went wrong? It’s a terrible situation and believe me, it has happened to me before. I understand a lot of trades […]

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#34: The Value and Power of Having an Org Chart With Mike Nicolai

How An Org Chart In this episode, our special guest is Mike Nicolai of Triton Air. Triton Air is a family-owned HVAC business in Southern California run by Mr. Nicolai himself. Mike and I talk about organizational charts and how these could help your company grow. Facebook Group: Mike’s Org Chart: Mike’s Company […]

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