Contractor Momentum

Get Out Of The House! Reflections on Hiring Back To Year 1

That was GCA year 1, before becoming a multi-million dollar operation, operating out of a rented house. Circa 2012. Trucks backed into the retaining ditch (loading was actually quite easy). Stock pile of aluminum on the side. The ‘parking lot’ was vacant lot up the road. How we ever ‘made it’ is beyond me. We […]

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3 Big Picture Objectives To Social Media For Contractors

When the topic of social media marketing comes in any group of contractors, the feedback you’ll hear ranges a distance greater then from earth to the moon. You’ll have some contractors saying a it’s a waste of time, while others swear that it’s the bloodline of their business. So what’s the truth? No matter your […]

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Here’s What I Share When HomeAdvisor Comes Up

HomeAdvisor and other lead market places come up frequently in other groups… these are my typical responses when then come up. #1 Like it or not, consumers are going to these these lead market places like Homeadvisor.  They’re all growing rapidly, and the consumers that are using them to find contractors are happy with who […]

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How To Handle Crappy Leads

“I know exactly what I want. My budget is whatever you charge. I just need a little push with a sales pitch” That’s what we call a good lead. The reality though, is that’s just a very small percentage of leads — it doesn’t matter what your lead source is (referrals included). Take a look […]

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