#44: From 10 to 25 Employees in the Last 16 Months with Shawn Reynolds - Contractor Momentum

#44: From 10 to 25 Employees in the Last 16 Months with Shawn Reynolds

Contractor Momentum
#44: From 10 to 25 Employees in the Last 16 Months with Shawn Reynolds

Shawn Reynolds owns a gutter and siding business called Reynolds Brothers Exteriors along with his brothers in Canada. He’s a returning guest of the podcast. A year and a half since the last episode with him, he’s back to discuss the immense growth his company has achieved in that time, specifically growing his business from 10 to 25 employees. In addition, he also shares the changes, adjustments, and challenges he’s faced in terms of managing customer expectations, project management, and defining roles that come with growing his company.

Here’s what we discussed:

01:11 Overview of Reynolds Brothers Exteriors

  • Services that the business offer
  • An update all about their business in the last year and a half
  • How much his business has grown in 2019
  • Difference in business size since last year

07:56 Adjustments he’s made to accommodate the influx of projects after Covid-19

  • What he cut back in advertising
  • How he manages customer expectations

13:30 Process of doubling his employees

  • His hiring process
  • Benefits of having a paid trial day

16:14 Changes in project management

  • Getting a field management software from using a white board in the office
  • The process of managing projects using Service Fusion
  • What he likes about Service Fusion
  • Why he didn’t get House Call Pro

22:42 Importance of community

  • Benefits of having a community of fellow business owners (link to Corey’s group that was mentioned here)

24:02 Managing job flow

  • How having specific roles helped with working remotely and managing projects
  • How simple honesty clears out the timeline and scope of the project to the customers
  • The process from selling a service to ordering materials, scheduling, and finishing the job
  • The system for updating customers about changes in project timelines
  • Having each person own their roles and cross-training
  • Why they came to defining roles for each person
  • Why he lets employees make mistakes

41:14 Biggest challenge from getting to 25 employees

  • Challenges in the hiring process
  • Actual things he’s doing to curb challenges

46:23 Future plans for Reynolds Brothers Exteriors

  • Plans for growing commercial aspect of business
  • Considerations for new products

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