HPS025: How Switching To A 4-Day Work Week Impacts Your Business

August 21, 2019 in 

Contractor Momentum
Contractor Momentum
HPS025: How Switching To A 4-Day Work Week Impacts Your Business

The concept of a four-day workweek might sound unusual to some—and it might be a foreign idea to you, as well—but more and more cities around the world offer this type of work schedule. Some are much closer to you than you think!

Corey Hickman of Comfort Matters doesn’t just make sure that they provide the best customer service for clients. He also offers the best working experience for their employees. His company recently shifted to a four-day workweek, a change that affected his business in many ways.

In this episode, we discuss:

01:25 What his company does

  • A new system focusing on replacements
  • Targeting different services based on the season
  • A proactive approach to marketing

08:55 What triggered the change

  • Dealing with technician burnout and low productivity
  • Getting people from the newer generation into trades

11:11 The nitty-gritty of the transition

  • Comparing their old and new schedules
  • Assessing the need to add more staff

18:59 Challenges faced during the change

  • Achieving a no on-call service
  • How to schedule the rotation dispatch

21:01 Dealing with multi-visit calls

  • Utilizing courier services to get more work done

26:38 Marketing styles that worked for their company

  • Offline and online marketing for home businesses
  • Recapturing previous customers with letters
  • Dominating the market in specific zipcodes

36:39 How to contact Corey Hickman

Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/896216427196514/

About the author 

Corey Philip

Founder & investor in home service companies. Aside from running these businesses, I love trail running and mountain running.

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