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VLOG: On Page SEO For My Local Service Business.

I look into an SEO audit and actions for my company.  Transcript below!


Hey everyone I wanted to go ahead and share with you know some on-page SEO tricks. If you’re a small business owner it doesn’t matter which type of business owner from an ice cream shop you know to a book store, to a restaurant SEO is very valuable. I’ve built you know this company that you see on the screen largely on SEO and traffic from online and I kind of love SEO and love doing it and love seeing the results. This is my company website here and like I said it’s been something that’s done well with SEO, gotten a lot of SEO but over the last few months I’ve kind of been slacking on and that happens when you’re a busy business owner, that sounds kind of funny busy business owner but if you’ve ever been a busy business owner you know what I’m talking about. You get tunnel vision, you get stuck on your projects one thing leads to another several months go by and then it’s like shit this SEO thing or whatever you had to do just kind of went to the wayside and it’s kind of lacking. So that’s what’s happened to me on my SEO and I need to step it up.


We’ve been doing a lot of content and creating content. When see blog posts here on my screen but it just hasn’t taken off, hasn’t gotten the traction, hasn’t gotten the rankings that we’re looking for. So you know we have you know our main money keyword here which is screen enclosures it’s a rather big traffic keyword in my market but we’re way down on page three or something organically for it and that’s just disappointing, embarrassing I’m not sure. We’ve got an awesome website, we’ve got the best content out there by far for screen enclosures but for some reason we’re on page three it sucks but it’s no one else’s fault but my own. So right now I’m going to nip it in the bud and take a look at what we can do to make it better. Now I don’t focus too much on the off page SEO and link building yes I take links when we get the chance and all that but I really believe that just having a good content, high quality stuff and having the on page format done right is all you need. That’s all Google wants you know get the backlinks like I said when you get a chance, don’t spend a hundred hours you know focusing on backlinks you’re not going to get a hundred hour’s worth of value out of that backlink. So if you get a backlink opportunity you take it but don’t lose any sleep over it.


On-page SEO you can control, you’re responsible for it you can do it rather quick or have someone else do it rather quick without much oversight. So with that in mind you know I went ahead and kind of started looking up some plugins you know well not plugins I say plugins because that’s the URL of this website but some programs online to check SEO. Now these programs you know are there to find things and kind of check some points on there. And I went through a lot of programs before I found the two I’m about to show you and these ones just happen to provide the most valuable. And you already see some errors up here. So first one is there’s more than one h1 tag on this page. That’s kind of weird I didn’t think about that heading tags and here’s the page right there, it’s the URL and I’ll come back to this URL in a second but let’s go to it. It’s right here and if we view the page source, view page source 03:28 to control up. Look for the h1 tag now h1 is a heading and it should be used in an order or kind of format towards h1 and then underneath that you have your h2 is in your subtopics or h3’s but in the worst case scenario the website should not have more than one h1 tag. If we did h1 we see there is and it’s got post title, entry title, that’s the blog post title that’s using is h1, that’s fine I will do it again a see if the other h1 tag is and here we see it. Let’s discuss your project ok.


That probably shouldn’t be an h1 tag and we come back to our site, go down here and we see on the side this is what it is. It’s in the sidebar let’s discuss your project. Just a little call to action section on the sidebar. There’s no reason for this to be an h1 tag but whoever was doing the coding work on the website put it in there because it fit the formatting that it needed to be so it looks good but behind the scenes it’s not functioning well. I think this is a really big problem too because this is a useless irrelevant h1 tag. So number one we only need to have one h1 tag but number two our second h1 tag is useless and irrelevant and number three the side wall is duplicated across a few hundred pages of blog post content. So not adding any value to the user at all and this could be done using other HTML coding standards. So that needs to be fixed and we need to get these down to just one HTML tag per blog post.


Our next up was page title and this one was interesting. There’s more than one HTML title tag on this page ok, let’s check that out, we’ll do a search for the title code and here it is one title and then the other title. So now this title is coming from our SEO plug-in and that’s legit this one I don’t know where it’s coming from but it’s using the blog post title so there is something in the WordPress install is using the blog post title as a HTML meta title and that’s just not good practice. Google says we only need one title and not two and sometimes you know if you search this page you’ll notice that they do come up with two different titles so there’s really no method to the madness is which one is Google’s picking it’s probably confused and that just throws our ranking down the hill, down the drain. So these two things h1 tags and titles blatantly obvious stuff and stuff genuinely affects the user you know we have problem with it. I generally see that affecting our rankings in a negative way. Now there’s a few other things with this little plug-in report and that’s app.plug-in SEO .com you see my screen I’ll highlight it, leave it up there for a second there’s few other things that it points out. Now it also checks images. Images do have all tags and titles you can google that for more information I’m not going to go into it and while not all of the images on the page are optimized for it. The both of the images on the page should be optimized and have our keywords in there. The other thing is file names. Again not every file is going to need the keyword in it. It’s nice for some of them but not necessary for all. You just need to have it sprinkled in there. So you know I’ll go through my page and we’ll check it. You’ll see that most of the file names do have it in there.


So come back we’ll go to the actual live page and you know here’s one of the pages we’re trying to rank and you’ve seen the code for it but before we go into why we’re trying to rank this. Let’s look at another problem my website has and this is something that no auditing tool that I’ve seen to point out and tell you, you’re just kind of have to use your own intuition and that is the pages that you’ve been trying to rank. So this one right here is a service page geared for screen enclosures and pool cages. The terms are ambiguous they mean almost the same thing and this is just a page to promote the service that we do where we build these structures. Relatively straightforward but this has been the page that we’re trying to rank and we’re trying to rank this page for screen enclosures, pool cages and also another word pool enclosures which isn’t even mentioned on here and I think this whole thing kind of confuses Google because number one we’re stuffed to the max with keywords and they’re not all consistent. In other words I’m not always using the term screen enclosures I’m not always using the term pool cages and then the internal links and external links that we have coming to this page are coming from a bunch of different anchor text. We have pool cages you know being sent here and links with screen enclosures as the anchor text being sent here and I think that kind of confuses a lot of the Google crawlers. What page is this supposed to be anyway? So I think we’d be best served with one page for screen enclosures and then another page for pool cages.


The other thing is this page is kind of weak on written content. I mean it’s got a lot of content this is actually a video if we reload the page you’ll see it play. So there it is right there, video that plays looks nice, shows the actual structure. So the page is pretty engaging but when you get down here we just don’t have a lot of text. We don’t have a lot of words and you know Google really ranks the words and the content length pretty high, the longer is better it reads, the higher it goes, so I’ve seen pages with these you know kind of features as we have them on here. They just don’t seem to rank as well as something that’s long far in content and more novel style. So with that in mind in this video, it’s kind of stuck there, it’s  probably is too good the fact that the video player is showing other videos up here we might need to look into that, anyways I’m going to close this page and just remember the keywords screen enclosures because everything kind of comes back to that.


We’ve decided to take the blog posts and optimize them for keywords so we found this blog post is on roof designs for screen enclosures. And we basically rewrote it or didn’t rewrite it but we optimized it for the word screen enclosure. So we get screen enclosures in the title. Screen enclosure in the URL. We got some bolded text around the important points including the word screen enclosures. We’ve got the word screen enclosures in heading tag here and this will be the only heading one tag on the page or heading two tag because this is the heading one. So heading one, heading two and remember as we discussed earlier this thing is also heading one and this is going to get fixed and removed. This whole section will be removed but it just won’t be a heading one tag. So then we’ve also got these images here and you can see the alt text pop up right there screen enclosures with 10:59 roof going over it and this is going to pop up screen enclosure gable roof. So these images have been optimized, so the key images in the body have been optimized as 11:09 names but we’re not going to optimize these little images. So these are the things that the report was fitting out that say should be optimized but quite frankly unnecessary for sidebar content to be optimized and not only that when these sidebar images appear on multiple pages, you can optimize it for every page. So we’re just going to leave them default you know the images in the body and the content we’re going to optimize and they have been optimized. The other thing too is this page is much more long form and has a lot of text to it. A lot of context. You see right there we get a lot of words, there’s a lot to read and we can squeeze a lot onto this page. And if we ever want to add to it you know to increase the rankings we can do that as well. So the goal is now to get this page to rank for screen enclosures and we’re going to do that also by changing all of the internal links, every link for screen enclosures or not every link but most of the links on the page of your screen enclosures are going to get put in here.


Now we get our keyword in the title, we got an h1, we get the URL, we get some internal links this page should do pretty well and we’re going to go through and do the page like this or a blog post for every one of our keywords pool cages on some of the other ones re screening stuff like that, do a full long-form blog post and not even worry about SEO to the services page. The customers end up with these services page rather quickly you know one of the first things they do when they land on those pages and read it boom boom boom and they usually always either go to online estimates or services. So they’ll find the services page which looks nice and also our paid traffic gets sent to these services page. For SEO purposes we’re going to optimize the blog posts. Now you know it does take some time to see the results from you know the SEO it doesn’t happen overnight. That is one of the problems with it why nobody likes it. It doesn’t happen overnight but you know I’m very optimistic that these changes will work and we’ll see the results of it. Now my site currently gets a dozen or so on a slow day. I guess and then a few dozen on a busy day you know results so our SEO is already pretty good. We get a lot of traffic to the blog post but this is just to boost it up beef it up fix the problems, get it all taken care of. So I hope that gives you a better understanding of on-page SEO and how it works. If you have any questions feel free to let me know. Thank you



Corey Philip

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