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#52: 2021 Contractor Marketing: Challenges & Opportunities

2021 has arrived!  It’s been a good year for most trades businesses, but we’ve got two marketing hurdles in our path this year.  I discuss those, how I’ve been preparing my businesses and clients for them, and the biggest opportunities. Links: Contractor Momentum Lounge (FB Group): Cloudways Hosting (affiliate):

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#50: Benefits of Private Labelling Equipment | Mike Nicolai

This is a quick episode with Mike Nicolai of Triton Air in Orange County, California about the benefits of private labelling equipment. He mainly talks specifically about private labelling in the HVAC industry, but in the end there are tips that apply to other industries as well. Join the Contractor Momentum Lounge FB group: […]

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#49: How to Deal With Employee Attendance | Corey Hickman

Corey Hickman runs Comfort Matters in Minneapolis. In this short 15-minute episode, he shares the processes and techniques he’s implemented to improve employee attendance. In this, you’ll learn concrete solutions to resolve unplanned absences, tardiness, and missed meetings. Corey also guested on a previous episode about shifting to a 4-day work week. Contractor Momentum Lounge […]

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#47: How to Implement Performance-Driven Compensation

This week, I’ve got a quick solo podcast discussing performance-driven compensation – what challenges you might face when implementing, how to avoid those problems, and how to make it work so that employees are motivated. Join the Contractor Momentum Lounge FB group: Here’s what I discussed: 00:35 Challenges with performance-driven compensation 01:22 How to […]

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#43: Buying a Newspaper for Advertising | Tom Lopatosky

Tom Lopatosky of Lopco Contracting is a recurring guest on the podcast. In this episode, we start where we left off, specifically the effects Covid-19 has had in his business. Then we hit it off with a discussion of different offline marketing he’s done since our last conversation – getting a deal for a local […]

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