Bookkeeping For Construction & Remodel Contractors

First hand experience with your business model.

Empower Your Construction or Remodeling Business with Precision Bookkeeping

Is financial uncertainty slowing your progress? In the dynamic world of construction and remodeling, it's common to face financial discrepancies as your business grows. Revenue increases, but your bank account tells a different story.

Streamlined Financial Solutions for Every Project

No matter the size of your projects or the complexity of your operations, our tailored bookkeeping services are engineered to meet your specific needs. From simple cash flow management to intricate job costing and profitability analysis, we ensure that every dollar is tracked and every project contributes to your bottom line.

Choose the Right Tools to Build Your Success

Below are our expertly designed packages, each crafted to support construction and remodeling businesses at different stages of growth. Our services range from essential financial oversight to comprehensive strategic planning, helping you make informed decisions that drive profitability and growth.

Ready to construct a financially stable future? Explore our packages to find the right financial foundation for your business.

Service & Pricing For Remodel/Construction

Foundation Bookkeeping



  • Monthly financial statements (Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet)
  • Reconciliation of up to 3 bank accounts
  • Quarterly performance review
  • Basic cash flow management
  • Quarterly job profitability reports

Builder Bookkeeping



  • Everything in the Foundation Bookkeeping package
  • Reconciliation of up to 6 bank accounts
  • Basic payroll management for up to 15 employees
  • Detailed job costing and profitability analysis
  • Monthly financial review and insights
  • Monthly Performance Review & Analysis

Fractional CFO



  • Everything in the Builder Bookkeeping package
  • Advanced cash flow forecasting and management
  • Strategic financial planning and advice
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Reconciliation of unlimited bank accounts
  • Custom financial reporting tailored to construction projects
  • Full payroll management