In the world of plumbing lead gen, the age-old debate continues: calls or web form leads? Which lead generation method is more effective for plumbing professionals? While there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, it’s essential for plumbers to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each approach to make an informed decision that suits their business needs.

In our experience, while calls do have a high initial cost, they have bring higher intent which results in a conversion value in the absence of any lead nurturing. Web Form leads can have the same or higher conversion value, but it requires long term nurturing which many plumbing business owners simply don’t have set up (nor the patience for).

Understanding calls

Our focus is pay-per-call leads for our plumbing clients as these leads have higher intent, a higher level of personal communication, and do not require any nurturing. We do offer web form leads for plumbers looking to capture additional market share.

Advantages of Calls:

  • Immediate Interaction: Calls allow for real-time communication with potential customers, enabling plumbers to address their needs promptly.
  • Personal Connection: Building a personal rapport with customers over the phone can be more effective in converting leads into paying customers.

To Be Successful With Pay-Per-Call

When paying per call it is crucial that you answer the calls quickly and with a warm and friendly voice around the clock. Many businesses, even those with a dedicated call center, struggle with this particularly as calls tend to come in surges.

Exploring Web Form Leads

Web form leads are generated through online forms. These forms are designed for potential customers to answer a few questions and submit their contact information

Benefits of Web Form Leads:

  • Convenience: Web forms provide an easy and convenient way for potential customers to reach out, even outside of business hours.
  • Data Collection: Web forms automatically capture customer information, making it easier to track, filter and follow up on leads.

Downside of Web Form Leads:

  • You have to ‘chase down’ the lead.
  • You may not make contact with the lead.
  • Web form leads tend to prefer impersonal text based communication.

On that note;

The debate between calls and web form leads for plumbers continues, but in consideration of our experience and the feedback of our clients, call generation should take priority. Only one the market for calls is exploited should a business look to increase volume of web form leads.

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